Date: 20th August 2021

Country: Germany

Venue: Bennohaus in Münster 

 Short description:

After a short intro and welcoming by the hosts, all guest stakeholders introduced themselves quickly. The MeLDE project was then presented by outlining its aims, target groups, results, the dissemination and also the transnational project meetings (TPMs).

Following that basic info, all products, the so-called Intellectual Outputs (IOs), were explained and presented in more detail. IO#1 the MeLDE FRAMEWORK: COMPARATIVE INDICES AND COMPETENCE MATRIX made the start. In this context a national report of Germany was laid out as well as results from other countries. Recommendations were also given. IO#2 the MeLDE EDUCATIONAL PACK: TOOL BANK and ACADEMY followed that. Here the stakeholders got a glimpse of the educational materials, lesson plans, handouts and webinars belonging to that.

Dividing the presentation of all 4 products (IOs), a discussion about media pedagogy in schools took place where interesting experiences and viewpoints were exchanged amongst all.

IO#3 the MeLDE ePLATFORM AND ASSESSMENT was next. The platform was presented. Also, the open badges. Additionally, its registration process was explained. Last but definitely not least, IO#4 the MeLDE TOOLKIT and COMMUNITY was presented and its content explained.

After that, the second discussion about digital teaching and the experiences several protagonists made took part, finishing with sufficient time for coffeetime and networking.