Professional Development Courses for Secondary School Teachers

KA1 EUROPEAN PROGRAMME/ Social Media for Educators: Speak the language of your Students

KA1 EUROPEAN PROGRAMME/ Technology Tools for Educators: How to be a modern and innovative Teacher

EUROPEAN PROGRAMME/ MENTEP (Mentoring Technology Enhanced Pedagogy)

Vorbereitungskurs für den Quereinstieg als Lehrer/-in

DiCademy 4.0: Menschen- Lernen in Digitalisierung 4.0 begleiten

Various courses depending on the target group and its interests

2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum

6th ICTEL 2020 – International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning

Ψηφιακή Ακαδημία Πολιτών

START Project | Free digital skills lessons

Generation Next - STEM Virtual Classrooms

Ψηφιακός Γραμματισμός

eSafety Label +

Teachers online - Handbook for educators

Digital skills for teachers: Making technology work for you

Blended Learning Essentials

Get Interactive: Practical teaching with technology


How to Teach Online: Providing continuity for students

Becoming a digital citizen: An Introduction to the Digital Society

Digital Literacy

Teach from Anywhere

Training Activities for Secondary School Students

BEBRAS Challenge - Cyprus

European Programme CYberSafety

Ψηφιακές Δεξιότητες για Όλους

Ασφάλεια στο Διαδίκτυο

Various courses depending on the target group and its interests

Online seminars across a wide variety of disciplines

Schülerstudium (studying while in school)

German Erasmus+ Vocational Educational Training (VET) learner

Tech Talent School

Generation Next - STEM Virtual Classrooms

The Web We Want

General Resources

Top 5 Apps to make your virtual lesson interactive 
Short Description: 5 Apps to make your lessons more interactive.

How to use Google Jamboard for Remote Teaching

Short Description: Step-by-step tutorial on how to use Google Jamboard in lessons.

10 Classroom uses for Padlet 

Short Description: Tutorial on how to use Padlet in teaching. 

Lesson planning Apps and Websites 

Short Description: A list of Apps and websites for planning and sharing lesson plans. 

10 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom 

Short Description: Learn more about the benefits of using technology in teaching by reading this article. 

Using Social Media in the Classroom 

Short Description: An article on how to use social media in teaching. 

Google Classroom: Providing Effective Feedback 

Short Description: A step-by-step tutorial on the tools inside the Google classroom that can be used to provide effective feedback. 

Reinventing Education for the Digital Age 

Short Description: A talk on the future of education in the era of fastpeaced technology

Top Tech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Short Description: Education technology tutorial on the best tools to use in lessons for an interactive learning experience. 

Teacher Support

Short Description: A support and wellbeing space for teachers. You will find tips and advice on how to support students and how to cope with the pressures of the school year. 


Τα πέντε apps που «ενώνουν» γονείς και εκπαιδευτικούς  
Short Description: Different apps that can enhance the communication between teachers and parents.

Ψηφιακή Πολιτότητα 
Short Description: Learning resources for digital citizenship

Short Description: eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.), working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share etc.

Brand yourself the right way: Αφήνοντας το ψηφιακό σας αποτύπωμα 

Short Description: A talk by an expert in marketing on how to brand yourself the right way and why your digital footprint matters

Netiquette webinar: Κανόνες ορθής συμπεριφοράς στο Διαδίκτυο

Short Description: A Webinar for students about nettiquette and good practices online.

Four Reasons to Care About Your Digital Footprint 

Short Description: Learn why you need to take care of your digital footprint

Twitter Branding: How To Do It Well, And What To Avoid

Short Description: Tips and ways to brand yourself online through Twitter

How to Build a Personal Brand That Will Impress Even Oprah

Short Description: Tips and advices for personal branding

Best online collaboration tools of 2019

Short Description: Tools to enhance online collaboration

10 Best Communication Tools For More Effective Team Collaboration

Short Description: Different tools to enhance communication and collaboration online

Digital Citizenship. Using Technology appropriately 

Short Description: Digital Citizen website helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately.

Teaching Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship 

Short Description: An article describing how you can help your child build digital citizenship skills.

10 Millionen digitale Staatsbürger bis 2025: Estland führt E-Residency ein

Short Description: The title in English: “10 million digital citizens by 2025: Estonia launches e-residency”.

„Netiquette“: Regeln, Bedeutung und Erklärung

Short Description: The title in English: “Netiquette”: rules, meaning and explanation.

Sag`s mit Netiquette: Benimm-Regeln für die moderne Kommunikation

Short Description:The title in English: “Say Netiquette: Behavior Rules for Modern Communication”.

A video about netiquette aimed to foster a positive online behaviour

Short Description: A video about do’s and dont’s of online etiquette (netiquette).

Preparing students to produce digital content 
Short Description: Preparing students to create digital content is more important than ever, as technology becomes more prevalent in schools and the need to prepare students for the 21st century workplace is more pressing.

Blogging: “Long-form content vs short-form content” 
Short Description: Long-form content vs short-form content

11 Quick & Amazing Ways to Use PowToon  
Short Description: 11 Quick & Amazing Ways to Use Powtoon in Your Classroom Plus 8 Bonus Lesson Ideas

Top 20 Cloud Blogs

Short Description: Cloud Blogs for Every Cloud Architect

Facebook VS Instagram

Short Description: How and Why Content Approach Must Be Different

6 Συμβουλές για Social Media Marketing

Short Description: 6 Συμβουλές για Social Media Marketing

5 Τύποι Περιεχόμενου

Short Description: 5 Τύποι Περιεχομένου με τη μεγαλύτερη διαδραστικότητα στα Social Media

10 τρόποι να είσαι δημιουργικός

Short Description: 10 τρόποι να παραμένεις δημιουργικός στον απαιτητικό κόσμο του Μάρκετινγκ

10 tips για επιτυχημένο personal branding

Short Description: 10 tips για επιτυχημένο personal branding! Πόσο καλά κάνεις το branding του εαυτού σου;

Youtube (Subscribers)

Short Description: Πως μπορείς να αυξήσεις τους subscribers

German school sued in photo copyright row 
Short Description: An article about a German school which was sued for publishing on its website a student project containing one of his pictures.

Fact check: Copyright restrictions in Germany 
Short Description: A video showing examples of copyrights in everydaylife in Germany

Der Copyright-Hinweis, Bedeutung, Notwendigkeit, Tipps und Muster 
Short Description: The title in English: “The copyright notice, meaning, need, tips and patterns”

Muss man Urheberrecht in der Schule beachtet werden?

Short Description: The title in English: “Does the copyright have to be observed at school?”

What is CyberSecurity?

Short Description: Reuben Paul explains in this video, the definition and components of CyberSecurity.

The Internet: Cybersecurity & Crime

Short Description: Google Security Princess Parisa Tabriz and Jenny Martin from Symantec introduce the most common types of cybercrime including viruses, malware, DDOS attacks and phishing scams.

What is Identity Theft?

Short Description: The most common ways identities are stolen online and how you can best protect yourself.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Explained by Jay

Short Description: A video explaining Digital Rights and Responsibilities, explained in Common Craft style.

How to Create a Strong Password

Short Description: Understand the risks of having weak passwords and explore ways to make passwords stronger.

How to Spot Phishing Emails (in 2020)

Short Description: How to spot phishing emails and scams that threaten our personal data security and are also used to help criminals gain access to organisations’ networks and steel, corrupt or delete data.

Oops! I clicked on Phishing Link 
Short Description: How to recover if you happen to be a victim of an email scam.

Social Media Data Privacy Awareness
Short Descripiton: Learn more about how social media platforms, businesses, and marketers, use your personal information and posts to social media to build profiles about you.

What Is Fake News?
Short Description: Learn what is Fake News.

How to Beat Cyberbullies
Short Description: Take a look at the effects of cyberbullying and ways to end it.

Supporting programmes of study, aims and attainment at KS3, KS4 and GCSE

Digital, online and blended learning does not end with the end of lockdown: digital technology and digital skills form part of our everyday lives and this includes teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom.

MeLDE’s series of courses are aimed at improving digital teaching and learning opportunities for both teachers and students within Secondary Education. MeLDE provides teachers with free online courses in:

  1. Digital Teaching and Learning Skills
  2. Online Communication and Collaboration
  3. Digital Content Creation
  4. E-Safety

Importantly, the courses can support teachers in delivering a range of Key Stage 3 and 4 programmes of study (including Mathematics, English, Science, Citizenship, Art and Design and Computing) and provide resources that can be used in the classroom through a combination of lesson plans, web lectures, books and additional resources.

Download the Key Stage 3 and 4 programmes of study document.