Based on the results of the Melde Competence Framework (IO1) and the Educational Pack (IO2), IO3 aims to design the dynamic and interactive e-PLATFROM to be used as an Open Learning Environment offering access to the MeLDE ACADEMY, MeLDE TOOLBANK and MeLDE COMMUNITY. Additionally, it aims to promote the use of an innovative, simple and rational assessment tool (Open Badge) for the validation and the recognition of the various competences



The MeLDE consortium has designed the framework, syllabus, and teaching-learning material for the following modules (which are presented in IO2) namely:

  • Digital Teaching & Learning
  • Online Communication & Collaboration
  • Digital Content Creation
  • E-Safety

For each of the above modules, the MeLDE consortium has created the corresponding badges. There are 4 badges (one per module) and 1 overall Badge (MeLDE) for the completion of all modules. In order for someone to acquire the MeLDE Badge, they first need to complete all the modules. These badges are made available for earning via the e-platform, which has been designed specifically for the learning and assessment purposes of the MeLDE project. An additional badge named the ‘Mentor Badge’ has been created to be provided to participants of the short-term joint staff training event (C1) upon completion and proved their ability to support and manage student’s participation in the programme.

  • Teachers/ students are invited to register on the platform and take the course(s) of the MeLDE project.
  • The e-platform specifies to students the criteria for earning each of the badges shown below. These criteria will be elaborated on in the following section.
  • Students have to provide evidence to meet the badge criteria in order to claim a specific badge. This process is automatized on the e-tool.
  • The badges will be awarded automatically through the e-platform based on certain criteria, which are presented in the next section.
  • The issuer (MeLDE Consortium) will provide the user with the opportunity (through the e-tool) to create an account in the Badge Backpack in order to display the earned badges there as well.

The MeLDE consortium plays a critical role in developing the ecosystem. Open Badges can support learners to achieve new collaborations, jobs, internships, and richer connections between lifelong learners.