For the purpose of the Intellectual Output 1, a survey was organized, both through desktop research and questionnaires, in all partner countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Greece and Cyprus) in order to investigate the current scene. As a result, each partner country prepared a National Report which examined:
• The profiles of teachers, schools and students in relation to media literacy for digital citizenship.
• The strategies/ policies at the national and EU level in relation to the promotion of digital citizenship.
• The provision of training opportunities for teachers in the particular field.
• The compliance of national policies/ practice with EU/ Council of Europe strategies and initiatives regarding media literacy.
The next step was to consolidate all national reports into one comparative report, which helped to build the MeLDE Competence Framework. The Framework was based on the results of the reports, on partner’s suggestions based on their expertise and experience in the field, as well as on the Digital Competence (DigComp) Framework 2.0 of the European Commission which addresses key components of digital competence.

> National Reports

> Comparative Report 

> MeLDE Competence Framework